Give your Grant the Best Chance

In short, a grant proposal is a request for a financial investment in a not for profit sporting or community organisation. When grant writing, the process of creating a great grant proposal consists of these stages:
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  • May 23, 2020

Writing a Job Application – Then vs Now

When I was in my early 20’s, a very long time ago, I attended a jobs course. Without revealing just how old I am, this course was in the years BC (Before Centrelink). I had never been unemployed before, having left my job at a café to join the Australian Army as an apprentice when
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  • May 12, 2020

How to write a tender for the Australian Government

More than 78,000 contracts were awarded to businesses in 2018-19 by the Australian Government, which had a total value of $64.5 billion. If you believe that your business can provide goods and services required by the Australian Government, how do you sell to the Government and identify tender and business opportunities.
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  • Mar 23, 2020

Grant Writing – Why editing is so important?

Mistakes in grant applications do not go unnoticed. They reduce the reader’s confidence in your sporting or community organisation. This is not the impression you are aiming for as grant writer.
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  • Mar 06, 2020

To Tender or Not to Tender. Are you ready to make an official tender response?

Spending some time examining a tender request is the first step in developing a competitive tender response. This allows you to decide whether the tender opportunity being offered will be a good fit for your organisation, and whether to invest additional money, time and resources into creating a tender bid.
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  • Feb 22, 2020

Grant Writing- What does 2020 have in store?

Not for profit sporting organisations, school programs, community organisations and other projects require funding to stay afloat, and writing successful grant applications, can assist these groups to get the funding they need. Grants have a role to play in supporting these organisations.
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  • Feb 08, 2020

The Best 5 Tips for a Quality Tender Application

The tender writing process can be complex and take up a lot of your resources, time and energy.  And it can be frustrating when you do all that work and then are not successful. At first glance the following five points may look obvious, but if you understand and address these points you will be elevating
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  • Jan 20, 2020

How Resume Writing Has Changed

The best approach to resume writing in 2020 is certainly not the best approach to job application writing from 20 years ago. Resume writing has changed! Perhaps you are one of the lucky people who has been in the same job for a long time but, for some reason, the time has come to move
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  • Jan 06, 2020

Tender Writing – Is Price the sole consideration in the Tender Writing process?

It doesn’t seem to matter if the tender is a Government, Council or commercial tender everyone seems to have the misconception that tender writing is all about price price price. Tender writing is a complex process with many considerations and variabilities but price is just one important focus for the skilled tender writer. Today we
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  • Jun 29, 2016

Grant Writing – A Reality Check

Many non profit organisations, businesses and individuals somehow think grant writing is an easy process and you just fill out a form and then hey presto funding is given out to basically anyone who applies. The skilled grant writer including our granter writer Melbourne, grant writer Sydney and grant writer Brisbane all understand that this
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  • May 26, 2016