Fact Sheet – Accessing Superannuation Early
Accessing Superannuation – Superannuation is vital for the futures of all Australians. However at times some people need to access their superannuation early. There are some specific circumstances under which this is possible.

Fact Sheet – Complaint Regarding Work, Pay And Conditions
Complaint Regarding Work Pay and Conditions – We spend more time in the workplace than we do with our families. So it is important that we work in a happy environment. At times things go wrong in the workplace and this Fact Sheet will give people guidance on how to handle these situations.

Fact Sheet – Council Trees On Footpaths
Council Trees on Footpaths – At times Council trees on footpaths cause problems for residents. Many times Council’s seem unwilling to take any action. This Fact Sheet outlines what steps can be taken to get dangerous or nuisance trees removed.

Fact Sheet – Fighting Developments
Fighting Developments – Are you faced with an unsightly development in your street or suburb? Want some tips to try and stop it? This Fact Sheet will give you some ideas.

Fact Sheet – Health Care Complaint
Making a Complaint About Health Care – At times our health system lets us down and we have real concerns over the standard of treatment or care provided. Here are some strategies to consider if you find yourself in such a situation.

Fact Sheet – Noisey Neighbours
Noisy Neighbours – Do you have noisy neighbours? Loud parties, music, hoons in your street, machinery running day and night? This Fact Sheet will give you some suggestions on how to deal with such problems and which agency to complain to if you get no joy.

Fact Sheet – Obtaining a Refund
AWith every business, the law requires that they guarantee the quality of the goods and services they sell. They are required to automatically provide ‘consumer guarantees’ when a consumer purchases something.

Fact Sheet – Scams
Scams – The ever changing face of technology comes hand in hand now with scams of all varieties. We need to be ever vigilant to avoid being scammed. This Fact Sheet will give you ideas on what to watch out for and where you can go for help.

Fact Sheet – Verifying Water Charges
Verifying Water Charges – Water charges now rank up with electricity charges as ever increasing necessities which are crippling Australians and hitting their hip pockets. There are times when we are being overcharged and here are some tips to help you ensure you are only paying what you should.

Fact Sheet – Fighting Parking Fines
Be realistic, if you have no real excuse and no proof and you know you committed the offence, then pay the fine. Don’t waste everyone’s time with weak excuses, especially if you have no proof that an error has occurred.

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