Job Applications in the 2021’s

Job Applications in the 2021's
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  • Aug 13, 2021
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The job application has changed significantly in recent years with the proliferation of job search websites and apps. It is no longer a case of getting the Saturday or Wednesday paper and searching through the job advertisements and drafting up a response to the jobs that caught your eye.

Now in this day of online search engines and smart phones it can be tempting for the job seeker to apply for multiple positions in one sitting using a one size fits all cover letter and resume. Unfortunately, the more the merrier approach is not usually the most successful and fruitful approach and can leave the job seeker feeling deflated and defeated.

Employers can and often do receive hundreds of applications for their job vacancy as it is quite easy for job seekers to click apply, select a couple of stock standard documents to attach then send them off in a very short space of time.

If the job applicant wants to stand out from the crowd then there is a much simpler – quality over quantity method they can, and should, take.

The major and overriding aim of an applicant providing a cover letter and resume is to gain an interview where they have the opportunity in person to present themselves as the best potential employee for the vacant position. The cover letter and resume is your hook – it is your glossy advertising page that demonstrates to the employer that you are worth meeting in person to discuss further your suitability for the position.

The most effective way to be individual and stand out is to ensure hat each and every cover letter and resume is individualised to suit the job description as it appears in the advertisement.

Be selective about the positions you want to apply for and spend time and effort crafting quality applications for those positions. Think about how much more effective your use of time will be if you are gaining an interview each time you apply instead of applying for copious numbers of positions and never gaining an interview.

To apply for a position read the job description carefully and thoroughly. List the main selection criteria or requirements of the position and quickly jot down notes about experience, qualifications and skills you hold that match those criteria.

Craft your cover letter to introduce yourself to the employer. Detail why you are an amazing match for their position. Highlight your achievements in past employment and ensure you are using their own keywords and phrases in your cover letter. This demonstrates you have thoroughly read and understood their job description and that you are professional enough to address all of their requirements.

When it comes to your resume you should also personalise your resume for the particular position you are applying for. Within your resume arrange your qualities, skills, experience and qualifications to reflect and answer their requirements in a similar way to the way they formatted it using their key words and phrases.

If you have not been a job applicant for some time and need a job application writing service, you are unsure or daunted by the process consider investing in the services of a professional job application writer who can support and assist you with crafting your cover letter and resume so that you are least ahead of the other applicants in terms of effective presentation and responses to the job description and you can focus on gaining an interview and ultimately gaining a new exciting position.