At Red Tape Busters we offer a range of unique and integrated services. Initially when we started this journey 23 years ago in 2000, we were seen as the champions helping battlers in their fights with bureaucracy. We were Lobbyists years and years before the current plethora of sycophantic leach like Lobbying firms popped up – who all virtually have links to one or the other political parties. We still are registered Lobbyists bur pride ourselves on our independence given we have NO links to any politicians or political parties.

We rely on our core skills and abilities to get results for our clients. We have certainly evolved over the last 18 years and we are now not only Lobbyists but we are grant writers, tender writers and resume and job application writers extraordinaire while we also provide a whole range of business support services. These include strategic/business/marketing planning, preparing business and NFP policies and procedures, helping craft website content, reviewing business and organisational processes etc. We have a huge range of skills and the list of what we can do is almost endless.

However if we can’t help you we have a range of corporate partners who no doubt can. We are partners with specialist and affordable IT experts, Website developers, Bookkeepers and social media experts to name a few.

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