Successful Lobbying

  • Red Tape Busters represent client in battle with Brisbane City Council regarding Council threat to issue a fine for using a property as a business premises outside local planning area requirements. Red Tape Busters effectively negotiate a solution that meets the needs of Council and protects client’s business interests. RTB win again.
  • Won $102468 in compensation for a client in a building dispute.
  • Won combined $455,000 in compensation for resumption of land;
  • Won $260,000 in costs relating to a property dispute with a Council;
  • Won $26,000 in compensation from a bank;
  • Won $13,000 in costs from a Financial Advisor;
  • Won $75,000 in “lost” superannuation;
  • Won removal of easements from properties;
  • Won ability to build on what Council had termed a “flood prone” property;
  • Won thousands of battles for Mums and Dads across Australia;
  • Won hundreds of battles for businesses and Industry Sectors across Australia.

Job Applications

  • Won – 85% of our clients receive an interview.

Business Support

  • Won – Successfully assisted businesses from a wide variety of industry sectors improve turnover and primarily their bottom line by between 5 and 36% over a 12 month period.

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