What do we need to write an effective grant proposal?

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  • Sep 09, 2021
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When the grant writer Sydney is starting to write a grant proposal or several grant submissions for an organisation there is certain information that they need to learn to have a visual picture of the organisation’s vision and needs. Having this knowledge and understanding enables them to correctly match their client with appropriate grants.

The grant writer – NT needs to know who your clients are, where they are located and the relevant demographics. What are the major issues or concerns you are requiring funding to solve? In addition, the grant writer needs to understand your organisation mission, vision, values, philosophy, goals, and objectives.

Once the grant writer is familiar with your organisation, they can focus on finding appropriate grant funding opportunities to apply for.

When applying for a grant the funder wants to be clearly advised what the issue is and why you believe it is important. The grant writer needs to write a convincing application that definitively informs the funder what exactly the funding will achieve and why it is important.

The grant writer develops an effective, informative, and convincing needs statement for inclusion in your grant proposal that links to your organisation core mission and goals.

The funder wants to know exactly what you want to achieve and how it will address the needs and requirements of the community. The grant writer outlines your project or program in terms of goals and objectives and endeavours to present your vision in quantitative or measurable impacts. It is imperative that your project or program clearly connects to your organisation mission and values. The grant writer answers the question how your program or project intends to lead to something better for community members both during the project or program and afterwards.
After the grant writer has provided the funder with the information about your intended results then it leads to the how. How exactly do you plan to achieve your goals for your project or program? What are the steps you intend to follow? The grant writer will also ensure they demonstrate your capabilities, experience, and qualifications so the funder knows that your organisation has the capacity to be successful.

It is expected that you will be unique and can stand apart from other organisations with similar missions. What distinguishes you from similar organisations? How will your program benefit the community more than another organisation? Why is your solution the best for the situation?

Funders are interested in knowing how your program has already made a positive difference in your community. That is, what results have you already successfully achieved? The grant writer will provide the funder with relevant information about your successes to date and specifically the qualities and experience your individual team members bring to the organisation.

Grant writer will seek testimonials from prior projects or programs and include these in your grant submission further demonstrating your suitability to provide your intended project or program.
The relationship between the grant writer and their clients is one of teamwork and co-operation. It needs to be based on mutual respect for the expertise of each party and an understanding that the grant writer wants to be successful for every client.