Successfully applying for grant funding

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  • Aug 02, 2021
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There is no given to being successful in receiving grant but there are a few simple tips that can be followed to increase chances of success.

Be perfectly clear – The grant writer Melbourne who demonstrates with clarity the outline of the funding submission ensures the evaluation team knows what the project or program is, why it is needed, how it will be achieved and when it will be completed. The grant writer builds a case for the applicant that specifies the parameters of the project or program and its impact for the stakeholders or the community.

Budget for the proposal – The budget need to clearly match the project or proposal and need to be detailed, transparent and comprehensive. Every goal or objective should be costed out in full and included in the grant application. If the evaluators become confused, suspicious or irritated by convoluted and unclear budget forecasts and layout or feel there are gaping holes in the budget or the budget doesn’t match the proposal the applicant can find themselves overlooked for the grant funding.

Provide a clear statement of your funding needs – The grant writer Sydney will establish what the project or program is and what the grant funding will cover. The role of the funding should be perfectly clear in the accompanying proposal. There should be no ambiguity or estimates. Clarity and openness demonstrate commitment to your goals and objectives and a thorough plan to successfully deliver on your proposal.

Link the project or program to your organisation mission – As part of the grant submission the grant writer will include the relevant organisation information such as the mission, values, aims, goals, and objectives of the organisation. A vast majority of grant applications require identifying how the organisation is eligible for the funding and require demonstration that their ideals match those of the funding body.

Demonstrate ongoing and lasting positive impact for the stakeholders – Grant funding is generally available to improve services or fill a need for a particular group of people in the community. The grant writer will ensure as part of the proposal that the organisation is committed to the ongoing welfare of the identified stakeholders and how their project or program will improve things for them. Generally the grant writer will include examples of what the organisation has successfully done prior and how their programs will continue to fill a need within their community.

There are countless organisations and groups who are committed to improving the lives of people within the community and it is the role of the grant writer to work with their client organisation to find appropriate grant opportunities that match the requirements of their clients and to use their knowledge and experience to format a compelling and persuasive case for funding to assist their clients to deliver much needed programs and projects. The grant writer is experienced and professional and committed to achieving success for their clients.