Creating your best resume

Creating your best resume
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  • Jun 26, 2021
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When Job application writer creating a successful resume is about impressing employers and increasing the chances of the applicant gaining an interview for the desired position.

In this day and age humans are all very much advertising aware consumers. Why therefore, do we fail to approach our resume writing like we are producing a billboard on the side of a busy highway? The resume should be shouting out to potential employers but instead in many cases it is more like a small advertisement buried amongst many similar advertisements in the middle pages of a magazine.

So how does a successful resume writer go about creating a billboard that will get the applicant noticed? Initially and most importantly how does the resume writer create a resume that presents the unique skills and experience of the applicant in a way that stands out to the potential employer from the crowd?

When Job Application writing it should never be a case of submitting the same resume to multiple employers. Each employer crafts their job description to suit their particular position. It therefore makes better sense for the resume writer Brisbane to tweak each resume submitted to suit the potential employer and job application.

The resume writer Brisbane can do this by including the same key words while Job application writing as the employer uses in the qualifications, roles and responsibilities, and requirements of the job description as advertised. By matching the applicant skills and qualities using these key words during the resume writing process it enables the potential employer to clearly see the correlation between their requirements and the qualities of the job applicant.

Resume writers Brisbane also prioritise the important information and highlight it prominently in the resume. The experienced resume writer can produce a resume that impresses the reader and clearly demonstrates the applicant’s qualities, abilities and skills as a match to the advertised position.

An excellent resume writer will use clear and consistent formatting to make the resume easy to peruse. The clearer and easier it is for potential employers to skim the document and find their desired requirements the more chance the applicant has of gaining an interview for the position.

Font – a clear and professional font in 12 point for the body and 14-16 point for headings helps the resume to be readable
Headings – using bold, italic and underling highlights and emphasises important information
Sections – resume writers chose sections and headings to be relevant to the job description and clarify the specific areas included in the resume
Balancing space and text – the resume writer uses bullet points to list information and make the document easier to read than if there was large blocks of text
Include normal margins – the professional resume writer is aware many employers write notes in the margins of the resume for use in the interview and selection process so it is important to provide adequate space for this.

Before sending off the finished resume a few last checks are vital. Check that contact details are current for the applicant and the referees. Ensure referees have been consulted prior to being listed.

Spell check, grammar check and proof read then convert the document into a PDF prior to sending it so that it maintains the desired formatting when opened by the potential employer.