Red Tape Busters, Government and Private Sector Lobbyists. We help you negotiate the maze of government legislation and council by laws.

We represent clients in disputes with Government, Councils, service providers and multinational companies.

Red Tape Busters provides a unique service in which we represent our clients’ interests and lobby hard for them to get the results they require. Most companies, industry associations, individuals, community and sporting groups get confused and frustrated dealing with the public sector and typically get tangled in ‘red tape’, or simply give up because they fail to have anyone listen to their concerns. We can help you address your problems with government and council approvals and negotiations.

With our Government and Private Sector Lobbying service we represent client’s interests and work through any issues that people may have with any form of Government, including council approval processes. These include instances where large and small companies, individuals or community action groups:

  • are not happy with government decisions and want to mount a challenge,
  • are stuck in red tape attempting to get government or council approval for a development,
  • are unsure of how to tackle a problem – who to talk to, what their rights are,
  • need a quick concise assessment of their situation,
  • need advice on Government/Council legislation, policies, council by laws or approval processes,
  • are totally confused after talking to a public servant or after receiving some written bureaucratic response that contains lots of words but doesn’t appear to address their issues, or,
  • are being told they must comply with Council/Government requirements which seem overbearing, inconsistent, inappropriate or just plain wrong

In essence we:

  • negotiate with and lobby Government and Private Sector entities on behalf of clients,
  • find loopholes in Government / Private Sector policies and legislation,
  • provide specialist advice and assistance to industry bodies and associations in preparing responses to government policy and legislative proposals,
  • navigating the maze of legislation, polices, procedures and council by laws, and/ or
  • assist clients to fast-track government and council approval processes.

The pace of life is at such a frantic rate that very few people have time to deal with Federal/State/Local Government entities and approval processes and fit everything else into their schedule as well.

In many instances relevant staff from Government Departments or Council apply restrictions or interpret policies, legislation and by laws incorrectly, causing major detrimental effects on ratepayers and taxpayers.

We work through the legislative, policy and council by law maze for companies, industry associations and members of the public.

Since our launch in February 2000 we have been surprised at the interest in Red Tape Busters, especially with our Government and Council Lobbying service, and the wide range of issues clients have asked us to look into. Our clients have found our expertise particularly helpful in managing government compliance issues and council approval processes.

Our Experience

Red Tape Busters has already successfully represented a number of major companies and industry associations on some high profile issues, while at the same time continuing to provide services to individuals and sporting & community groups.

A brief overview of some of the issues we have represented clients for include:

  • Assisting a major farming based industry association prepare submissions to the Federal Government regarding the affects of an imported product on the local industry and requesting the introduction of tariffs on the imported product.
  • Representing high profile community action groups in lobbying government entities over toxic waste sites, transport infrastructure.
  • Battling councils and fast-tracking approvals over a myriad of issues including building development bylaws, proposed subdivisions, development applications, flooding issues, etc.
  • Representing and lobbying on behalf of major businesses in negotiations with State and Local Councils, especially in instances where compliance with Council or Government conditions is required e.g. health and hygiene audits, transport safety compliance, workplace health and safety requirements, etc.
  • Obtaining Liquor Licenses and government approvals for hotels, clubs, restaurants, adult entertainment venues, etc.
  • Lobbying on behalf of major bus operators and trucking companies regarding Government safety and quality assurance requirements.
  • Preparing detailed Development Applications for a number of small businesses to obtain approval to transfer their operations from industrial areas to home based businesses.
  • Lobbying on behalf of residents and companies in negotiations with Main Roads, Rail Authorities and councils regarding the proposed resumption of properties from owners and ensuring owners receive fair value as compensation for their properties.

We don’t accept no for an answer if we can see that documented policies, legislation, council by laws or regulations exist that are unfair, unreasonable or are inconsistently applied by the relevant entity.

We don’t give up. We get results!

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