At Red Tape Busters we specialise in being your one-stop shop in dealing with Government and in busting through Government and bureaucratic red tape. Grant writing, tender writing and even job application writing can be challenging for most people, most businesses and most organisations yet we have built a reputation second to none. Our specialist grant writers, tender writers and job application writers are spread across Australia and our team are dedicated to breaking through the red tape maze and getting amazing results. Our specialised team of Consultants work for clients all over Australia and have an unparalleled history of success.

Red Tape Busters represent the interests of the wider community by offering individuals, private and non-profit organizations help and advice in their battles with Governments at all levels, banks, insurers, telecommunication companies etc and in working through the ever increasing maze of red tape. We can claim outstanding grant writing and tender writing results which are second to none… $140 million in successful grant applications and over $600 million in winning tender writing successes. Our opposition can only dream about this level of success.

We also prepare winning job applications, resumes and address selection criteria for Government jobs. We engage the highest quality Consultants all of whom have specialised skills to assist our clients. We pride ourselves not only on our skills though but on our outstanding customer service. We aim to wow our clients with results but also with dedicated high quality service. We also have in place a range of business partners so that if our client needs a Bookeeper, an IT expert, their website developed, advice on social media etc we will have a partner who can assist them.

Contact us – we are the best grant writers, tender writers and job application writers around plus we can help your business or non profit organisation put in place Business and Strategic Plans, business policies or QA systems.

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