The Grant Solution

The Grant Solution
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  • Jun 14, 2021
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Grants can be an excellent solution for non-profit organisations, businesses, community social and sporting groups etc to grow their operations.

Professional grant writers are aware that it takes time to put together an effective and proper grant application and they have the tools, knowledge, skills and experience to produce a grant proposal that has a good chance of success.

Because grants are highly competitive and sought after no one can guarantee success but using professional grant writers Sydney maximises the potential approval and ensures all aspects of the grant proposal are detailed and correct.

Effective grant writers will choose the appropriate grant that is relevant to the requirements of the applicant organisation or company and will ensure the grant submission fulfils all the criteria requested by the grant program.

There are several questions the Grant Writer reflects on prior to commencing the grant writing process.

Is the organisation eligible for funding under the guidelines of the grant program?

Does the proposal strategy align with the objectives of the funding program?

Does it address the needs, or the requirements as delineated under the program guidelines?

Does the organisation have the capability and capacity to effectively deliver the proposed project?

If these questions are answered favourably the grant writing application can then proceed without a hitch.
To be positively favoured by the selection committee there are several key areas that the grant writer knows need to be included in the grant application.

The project plan is fundamental to a strong application. The grant writer often utilises the

SMART approach to clearly define this information for the grant evaluator.

SPECIFIC – what is going to be accomplished with the potential grant funding. How are you planning to achieve this?

MEASURABLE – how do you plan to quantify achieving the desired end result? How will you know it is successful?

ACHIEVABLE – what skills, knowledge or tools do you need to be successful? Do you or your team have these already? Are there any obstacles to stop you achieving success? If so how will these be overcome?

RELEVANT – why is this project important? Who will benefit and how?

TIMELY – have a timeline that will keep everything on track and demonstrate your ability to plan effectively.

The criterion questions included in the grant program must be addressed completely and in detail. Grant writers Sydney will carefully and thoroughly read and answer every part of the criteria questions. They will peruse the document and develop an extensive checklist to ensure nothing is left unanswered.

Also included in their checklist grant writers commonly list the required evidence documents and attachments that are requested to form a part of the grant application submission. Attention to detail is imperative – grant applications can be rejected for very simple oversights.

An important part of the grant writers’ approach to each application is to check for formatting requirements. Checking for desired word counts, font type and size, sections and inclusions expected etc ensures that the grant application is submitted exactly as required and demonstrates a commitment to professionalism and a willingness to be detailed oriented.