Grant Writer Testimonial – Freycinet Golf Club

Dear Simon,

On behalf of the committee and the members of Freycinet Sports and Community Club Inc. We would just like to pass on our sincere thanks for your help, assistance and support in our application for the improving the playing fields grant. We would also like to thank you for promoting Red Tape Busters to us, they were exceptional to deal with, professional and personable and really made the process much easier than in previous years.

Once again Simon thank you so much, it is such a help for us as a club and a community to have the backing of people such as yourself.

Best regards,

Ross Boobyer

Club Secretary

Freycinet Golf Club

Grant writing testimonial – Barmera Golf Club

G’day Shane

Thank you for the email.

The process of working with Frances and Andrew was a worthwhile exercise not only in being successful with a grant but also from a personal perspective/ writing application development.

Barmera Golf Club has been successful in other grant applications that I have worked on (sometimes with assistance from another club member). Working with Frances and Andrew affirmed the process that we have undertaken. More importantly they provided a new/different/alternative perspective on looking at outcomes and the evidence required to backup these outcomes.

I looked through your website and viewed the background of both Frances and Andrew. As you well know a person might have all the experiences and qualifications but can they bring those goods to the table? Frances and Andrew did this in an exceptional way! They are certainly an asset to Red Tape Busters!!!!!

Frances’ and Andrew’s communication skills are excellent. They communicated with me in a clear, concise and timely manner! They used their vast experience to pull the application together and tweak where necessary. They were able to consolidate the information from me into an effective workable application.

I have already suggested to some other sporting clubs in our area that Barmera Golf Club used Red Tape Busters with assistance from GolfSA. Quite often in a country situation sporting clubs are limited in their approach in finding someone to help but I know from experience now that technology- emails, phone calls breaks down this barrier!

Please note that I have cc Frances and Andrew with this email and have already provided feedback to them.

I wish the team at Red Tape Busters further success in their undertakings during 2022.

Thank you for being part of a successfully funded project to help the Barmera Golf Club and Riverland Community!


Brian Finn
Committee member
Barmera Golf Club

Grant writer testimonial – Westward Ho Golf Club

Hi Shane,

We were very pleased with Andrew and Red Tape Busters. The GWAP is a great initiative by GA and assist clubs in a somewhat scary process and ensures applications are best practise.

Andrew was great from the start, clearly outlining each parties’ roles and responsibilities , and always happy to address our many questions. The nature of our project was difficult and was always going to be a hard to one to win. We were unsuccessful in Round 1 (possibly due to a vast number of applications) but pleasingly got some great feedback and amendments worked for Round 2.

I will certainly be in touch if we need further support in the future and recommend to other clubs/sports.

Have a great 2022!


Steven Freeling

General Manager

Westward Ho Golf Club

Grant Writing Testimonial – Cabarlah Golf Club

Hi Shane,

Thanks for your email and thank you for the service we receive from Red Tape Busters.

Firstly I would like to apologise for not sending Rob a thank you email before this but at the time we received the good news we were in the middle of a lot of stuff at the club and it simply slipped my mind.

As for comments on the grant writing assistance your company provides we could not be happier. Rob has been excellent to work with over the last few years and his proactive approach has been very much appreciated. We have a new club member who is taking over the grants process from me and I will make sure that she has all the contact details for your service. I will still be around , just not on the committee at this stage so I am stepping away from the day to day running of the club.

As for passing on your details to other clubs and organisations in the area we will have no issue in doing that and in fact we have been telling people for the last couple of years about your service and how good our experience has been and what an excellent strike rate we have had in receiving grants. I would be fairly sure that we would be wanting to use your services again in the future as without grants clubs like ours would really struggle to replace infrastructure and equipment.

I have forwarded this email to our club email address  ( ) so that they have the list of services you supply. Also could you please pass on to Rob our thanks for his part in this whole process as without him we would be a lot worse off as a club.


Bob Sweeney

Cabarlah Golf Club

Grant Writing Testimonial – Smithton Country Club

Dear Andrew,

I was almost too afraid to open the email yesterday. But was mighty pleased to see the result.

I am so grateful to you for the work  that you put into it for us. It is very much appreciated.

It will be so good to be able to play golf  through the winter next year, without having to plough through mud.

Thank you so much, and we may call on you again sometime.

We have another project in mind but haven’t had the people or the time to deal with it just yet.

I have family stuff going on, and no one else is willing at this stage.

Regards and thanks again,


Smithton Country Club

Grant Writer Testimonial – Freycinet Sports and Community Club

Thank you Andrew,

Thanks for all of your help in getting this one over the line for us.

Very excited.


Freycinet Sports and Community Club

Grant Writing Testimonial – Kingston Beach Golf Club

Hi Andrew,

Just letting you know we have received advice we were successful in our application for $50k (maximum) for Clubhouse Amenities Refurbishment (disable toilets and men’s rest room), thanks for all your efforts, fingers crossed on the big one.

Simon, thanks for organizing GA’s assistance, much appreciated.



Kingston Beach Golf Club

Grant Writing Testimonial – Freycinet Sports and Community Club

Thanks Andrew

We’re smiling as well, although we’ve just asked for a twelve month extension to the deadline for the first grant because we have had too much rain 😂😂 but that is a great thing as our course is looking the best it has ever looked.

So when things dry out and dam levels low again it will be full on to finish this drought proofing project.

Regards and all the best for Christmas


Freycinet Sports and Community Club

Grant Writer Testimonial – Westward Ho Golf Club

Hey Andrew,

I hope you are well.

Yes, we also just got word that we were successful.

Great news to start the year, thanks again for your ongoing support, it will make a huge difference our club!


Steven Freeling

General Manager

Westward Ho Golf Club

Melbourne Grant Writer testimonial – Cricket Australia

Hi Andrew,

Enormous thanks for your help on both applications.  Everyone has been very complementary on your expertise and dedication.

Absolutely top on our list for any future work that comes up here.

Thanks again and have an amazing weekend.

STUART WHILEY | Head of Participation & Programs

Cricket Australia