Attention grabbing resumes

Attention Grabbing Resumes
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  • Aug 28, 2021
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We all know the job market is a competitive situation with potentially dozens of people all applying for the same position you are. So how do we grab attention and not in a bad way? How do we stand out from the crowd and gain an interview with our potential employer?

A professional job application writer can craft a resume that excites the reader and makes them want to know more about the applicant. It is important that the resume tells the employer about your character, ability, and personality. They want to know about you and how you will fit in with their team and what value you will bring to their organisation.

By using action words and story telling the resume writer brings your resume to life. It should not be just a boring list of bullet points that look just like a balance sheet. Being creative and informing the potential employer about the highlights and accomplishments in your career while also detailing the challenges and how you overcome them paints a picture of you as skilful, experienced, and resilient.

When job application writing the tone should remain positive, upbeat, and reflective of the person you have become over the course of your career and the skills, knowledge, experience, and qualities you have gained as a result.

The effective job application writer excites the reader by connecting them with the applicant. They allow the reader to get a strong glimpse of the personality behind the document. They begin to imagine that person fitting in with their team and doing the job in an exceptional way. A connection is begun. They feel like they know and like you.

It is important that each resume fits the job opportunity. Templates sent off to multiple employers are unlikely to make the connection required to gain an interview. I promise the results are worthwhile. The likelihood of gaining employment in a position that excites and interests you improves exponentially if you make the effort to individualise the resume.

The resume writer that takes the time and effort to read the job description in detail and then use the key words and phrases from the job description in the resume makes an instant impression and link with the potential employer.

In addition, it is more likely that they will highlight the relevant skills and requirements in their resume so that the employer can conclusively see that the applicant is right for the position. They have demonstrated attention to detail, communication and comprehension skills and professionalism all without having to do anything more than type a few key words.

In terms of what needs to be included in a resume the first and most important section the resume writer should include is the experience. Experience is written in reverse chronology. The employer wants to see where you have been and what skills, responsibilities, knowledge, and qualities you have gained through your experience. Highlight your outstanding achievements along the way. Show them what you can bring to their organisation.

Education comes next, remember to include relevant professional development certification or attendances to demonstrate your willingness to be a continual learner.

Your resume should be a reflection of your personality and not just a bland document that states facts – if in doubt use a professional resume writer who can assist you to paint yourself in the best light and gain you the position you desire.