What buyers expect in a tender proposal

What buyers expect in a tender Proposal
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  • May 10, 2021
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When tender writing, it is very important to stay focused on who will be reading your proposal and making the decisions. The buyer. Tailoring your tender proposal to the buyer demonstrates your commitment to the buyer and the tender process.

Buyers will expect you to:

  • Clearly state the purpose of the proposal.
  • Outline your work as a contractor, your qualification and your past experiences that are relevant to the buyer and their needs.
  • Clearly explain how you plan carry out the work, and detail how and when the buyer’s goals will be achieved.
  • Highlight the value for money you offer and the benefits of your bid.
  • Include a detailed plan for the deliverables of the project and provide a timetable.
  • Clearly demonstrate your team’s experience, skills and their individual responsibilities if you are to be awarded the contract.
  • Detail your project management plan.
  • Define clearly what your pricing includes and if your price incorporates any aftercare arrangements.
  • Be honest and practical and identify potential risks. Do not promise what is clearly impossible for you to deliver.

Include a cover letter. It should include a response to the tender invitation. The cover letter should also summarise your main message and detail how the documents are organised.
It is well worth, once you have written your tender proposal, spending some time looking at the presentation.

Tips on editing your tender:

  • Keep sentences and paragraphs short and businesslike but with some punch.
  • It is ok to use bullet points and headings. This works to break up the text.
  • Stick to one font style and size. Not too small and not too large. A simple font and layout is best.
  • Make sure there is a consistent standard. If you are adding team members CVs, ensure they all present the same way.
  • Make sure your tender proposal has a well-developed and logical argument that hangs together.
  • Re-read the proposal in its entirety. Then ask a friend or colleague read it as well. Keeping a close eye out for typing mistakes and omissions.
  • Additional supporting information can be added as an appendix.
  • Add a title page with the project title, date, the buyer’s name, and your own firm’s name.
  • Number paragraphs and Include a contents page so information can be located easily.
  • If you are not required to submit the tender digitally, consider getting it professionally printed and bound.

And most importantly, make sure your tender proposal is delivered to the buyer on time. it is not likely that buyers will consider late tender proposals. The closing date for the tender should be at the top of your list and on your mind throughout the entire process. A last-minute rush in the dying hours will result in a substandard tender proposal. It is ok to contact the buyer to check they have received your bid.

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