Applying for grant funding for NFP organisations

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  • May 17, 2021
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There are several components to grant writing for NFP(Not For Profit) organisations.

Identify the Issue

For many NFP organisations they have a wish list of programs or projects that will benefit their community and improve their services but often funding holds them back from achieving all of these items on their wish list. Unfortunately fundraising will only go so far; so for many organisations grants become the lifeline to achieve their goals and objectives.

The grant writer Queensland can assist the NFP organisation in their grant writing. The grant writer will start with identifying the selection criteria expected to be addressed in the application and will liaise with the organisation representative to answer each criterion in a structured and easy to follow format.
Often through sitting down and explaining the project or program the organisation can refine their message. If they discuss this with the grant writer Queensland, the grant writer is able to use the information gained to develop a written version of the project or program for inclusion in the grant proposal.

Know the community

As part of the grant proposal the grant writer needs to clearly identify and elaborate on the positive outcomes for the community as a result of the project or program going ahead. They need to clearly identify which community members are the focus of the project and how the project/program will address the identified issue.
The grant funders need to definitively know that their funding will benefit positively the identified community members and how this will happen. The grant writer Queensland therefore needs to have this information and provide it within the grant application.

Define the solution

The NFP organisation develops their project/program based on their knowledge of the issue and the community that it will be presented in; then defines their goals and objectives and develops an action plan or strategy to refine their program. The grant writer Queensland develops a grant proposal that clearly communicates this information and addresses the required selection criteria and requirements of the grant to submit the completed grant application.

Describe how the organisation can deliver their program goals

As the grant writer Sydney works through the grant document they will generally write notes or bullet points using the key words contained in the document as a starting point for the grant application. These notes are the beginning of the creative process and identify any areas where further information or research will be necessary as well as listing the supporting documentation and evidence required such as organisational profiles, policies and procedures and financial records.

The budget for the program or project should be fully and comprehensively costed and presented in a legible and understandable format. Grant writers Queensland have the experience and knowhow to support the NFP organisation to achieve this effortlessly.

Presenting the application

Formatting the application is something the grant writer Queensland is extremely competent and experienced in doing. They will ensure that it is presented in a legible, professional format using headers, bold font, bullet points and a professional and legible font to guarantee that the evaluator will find it easy to peruse and understand.

Using a professional grant writer Sydney gives the NFP organisation the benefit of someone who has experience and competency in grant applications and increases their chances of being successful in their application.