The Best 5 Tips for a Quality Tender Application

The best 5 tips for a quality Tender Application.

The tender writing process can be complex and take up a lot of your resources, time and energy.  And it can be frustrating when you do all that work and then are not successful.

At first glance the following five points may look obvious, but if you understand and address these points you will be elevating yourself above most of your competition and giving yourself the best possible chance of being awarded the tender.

Understand the buyer’s requirements

Before you begin writing your tender, be sure that you understand exactly what is required.  Can you meet the standards expected? Are there legislations that will impact on the work?  Will this work fit into your overall business process? Finally, what do you know about the buyer and their organisation’s work? Answer these questions and then you will know whether you can perform all required aspects of the job, within the set conditions and time.
If you cannot deliver, then knowing this will save you the considerable effort and strain on resources of submitting a tender proposal for a job which you cannot be competitive on or deliver at all.

Answer every question and address all the criteria

Even is a question seems irrelevant to you, make sure you reply.  When tender writing, follow the set order of questions so that you know you’ve covered them all. this will also ensure that the reader of the tender proposal making the decisions can also follow your structure.

As well as every question, make sure you address all of the criteria.  It is this information that is the foundation of the final decision.  Do not just say you meet the criteria, prove it.

Tailor your tender proposal to meet the buyer’s requirements

A tender writer understands that even if you offer a wide range of services, do not include any that are not relevant to the buyer’s requirements.

The most effective way to be awarded a tender it is to tailor your service to suit the buyer. Evidence why you are different than the competition by addressing each of the buyer’s needs and demonstrating your understanding of what they want, ensuring you emphasis how the client will benefit.

Explain how you will meet their needs.

Distinguish yourself by telling the buyer exactly how you will meet their requirements. Highlight the processes you employ and the special or unique skills and experience you have. Demonstrate to the buyer how THEY will benefit choosing you over the competition. You will be on your way to genuinely connecting with the buyer if you can.

Tell them why they should choose you.

When tender writing, you really need to go all out and sell yourself.  You need to spell out what makes you and your service the best choice. You know why you are the perfect choice so convince them. What makes you different from everyone else who is being considered?  Use your tender writing opportunity to spell out what you excel at and how you will make the buyer’s job much easier.  That’s what they really want.

Bonus tip

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