Grant Writing- What does 2020 have in store?

Grant Writing- What does 2020 have in store

Not for profit sporting organisations, school programs, community organisations and other projects require funding to stay afloat, and writing successful grant applications, can assist these groups to get the funding they need. Grants have a role to play in supporting these organisations.

Grant Writing- What does 2020 have in store

Writing a great Grant Proposal

You do not need a degree in grant writing, but you need to pay close attention to detail and be a decent writer. Never assume that the funding body reading your grant application knows much about your organisation or what you do. Use expertise, statistics and evidence to explain it, making it simple for them to understand.

Read the grant application carefully

Highlight all materials you have to include and every question you must answer. Underline key words or phrases you might want to refer to in the grant application. Then re-read the application. Before beginning the writing always take time to brainstorm. What are your organisations strengths? What examples can you offer as a part of your grant application? These answers will give you a jumping off point for your grant writing.

Research the funding body

Provide your organisation with the right funding resources.
You can use your local library and the internet to located information on the funding body. The Australian Government publishes a list of available grants, this is worth checking regularly.

During the process of writing your grant application, it would be sensible to start a file where you can keep records of contact information, completed tasks and all other correspondence relating to the grant.

Establish your organisation’s Goals and Objectives

Ensure your goals and objectives clearly explain what your organisation will do with any funding received.
Clearly state what your organisation hopes to accomplish, the goals, and the specific results, objectives, you expect to achieve. The goals are the general outcomes of the project with the objectives being the steps your organisation will take to get to those results.

Start writing

Put pen to paper, so to speak. Write a rough draft. Getting your ideas down, will help get the application going.
Revisit your brainstorm ideas and any notes and concepts you have had, and start with the questions you have the answers for.

Focus on the sections of your application that correspond more with the funding body’s guidelines. Make sure you highlight your organisation’s partnerships with other community groups. This helps build your organisation’s credibility and legitimacy.

When grant writing, ensure you closely follow the guidelines set by the funding body. Be clear and concise. Ensure all your spelling and grammar is correct. Answer all necessary questions without being vague.

It is ok to include pictures that demonstrate who the funding will benefit.

Ask yourself

Before submitting your organisation’s grant application, ask yourself:

  • Does my organisation stand out from the crowd?
  • Is everything in this application true and correct?
  • Is the grant I am applying for, relevant to my organisation?
  • Have I answered every question and fulfilled every requirement?
  • Is my spelling and grammar correct and my format simple and clear?

Can I do more? Need help?

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