What is in a Tender Request and how do I respond?

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  • Jul 16, 2020
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A Tender Request, which can also be called a Request for Tender (RFT), is a formal and structured invitation to qualified suppliers to submit a bid to supply clearly defined products or services and will usually include the following documents:

The conditions of tender: these are set the rules that apply to everyone participating in the tender process, such as suppliers and buyers.

The form of tender: This is a form or a set of schedules that you need to complete and then submit with your tender response.

The conditions of contract: You will be expected to sign this document if you are awarded the tender.

The scope of works: This is everything the organisation would like you to perform as a part of the contract.
Ensure that you take the time to read all of the tender documents carefully. Ask the customer questions if you are unsure what is being requested.

Tender responses

A tender response can be a single page or can be hundreds of pages long. The length is dependent on the complexity and nature of the tender request. The time offered to prepare a tender response varies from as little as one week to, in some cases, a month or more. The cost and resources required to prepare a tender response can be quite substantial with these costs borne by you as the tenderer. Before preparing a tender response, you need to frankly evaluate your possibility of winning.

Who issues tenders?

Tenders are issued regularly by Local, State and Federal government bodies. Requests for Tender can also be issued by private companies and businesses for considerable procurement opportunities.

Why should I submit a tender?

Each year in Australia, more than 20,000 requests for tenders are posted on websites, tender portals and newspapers. The government market alone is estimated to be worth in excess of $30 billion. These are enormous business opportunities which, if done right, could secure you as a repeat customer. It could provide your business with a boost to the next level. It could also substantially increase your total business revenue.

Finding tender opportunities

Government tenders can be found published on over 500 websites. They also appear in 300 newspapers across the country. Finding them and private businesses requesting tenders can be made easier by registering your company on websites specifically designed to find appropriate tenders. Google searches can be invaluable as well.

Getting some help with your tender writing

Tender writing can be very overwhelming, especially if it is your first try. Finding a professional and experienced tender writer who fully understands the tendering process and can team up with you to help prepare your tender is a great option. Red Tape Busters has a team of enthusiastic tender writers ready to help. Whether your needs are a tender writer Sydney or a tender writer Melbourne or a tender writer any where across Australia, Red Tape Busters are ready and waiting to help.