Job Applications – The Basics

Job Applications the basics
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  • Jul 02, 2020
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Applying for your dream job usually involves a recruitment process which may require a résumé, an application and interview.

This means you will need to actively market yourself to an employer as the right person for the job.
As a part of the job application process, you will need to write a strong job application, or cover letter, that is tailored to a specific role and employer.

You need to consider if your job application sends a positive or negative message. For example, a job application with spelling and grammatical errors says, ‘I do not have good attention to detail’. By identifying and addressing the negative messages your job application might be conveying to prospective employers, you can ensure you send the right message about your suitability for the role.

It is important to use key words. You will find key words in the employer’s job ads, when they describe the kind of applicant they are looking for. You need to evaluate the job ad to identify the key words describing the traits the employer is seeking.
The key words can be placed into one of three categories:

  • your personal attributes, e.g. hard working, reliable, punctual, hardworking, creative, well presented
  • your skill and experience, e.g. quality customer service, experience in conflict resolution, proficient in Excel
  • training and qualifications e.g. First aid certificate, degrees, driver’s licence, forklift licence

Once you have identified an employer’s ‘key words’, you should reflect this language in your job application.
Identify and list the contact details for two individuals who have agreed to act as referees for the job. You should always ask your referee’s permission before listing them on your résumé and job application.
Listing a former manager is the best option for a referee. Try not to use co-workers as referees.

Listing managers from volunteering or unpaid work experience placement is also a great option.
If you have been working in a family business, it is best not to list immediate family members. Try to find a referee who is not related to you.

If you have no work experience, try getting a character reference from a sports coach, teacher, or someone from a religious or community group.

By including a cover letter with your résumé, as a part of your job application, you get a chance to introduce yourself to the prospective employer. Your cover letter should outline your experience, qualifications, and work traits that are relevant to the job and employer. A well-written cover letter can also demonstrate your strong written communication skills.

Your cover letter should be short but concise – about 2-3 paragraphs. Use it to explain how your skills, personal traits and experience make you a good match for the job.

You should always tailor your cover letter and job application to each employer. Sending out a generic job application clearly tells employers that you are not interested in them or their job.

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