How to Lodge a Successful Tender

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Submitting a tender, or a competitive bid for your company or organisation to supply goods and/or services, can initially seem like a long and confusing process. There could be multiple companies all competing for the same job. There are steps to make the road easier to navigate, that every tender writer needs to know before they start writing a tender application. To help increase the chances of the tender application success the steps are:


In case you missed that, preparation, preparation, preparation. A successful Tender writer will read, re read and then read the tender instructions again. If you have checked every box and believe that your company can fulfil all the tender requirements, then it is time to register your company’s interest.

As a tender application writer, you need to honestly assess your company and ask the hard questions.

  • Can your company deliver the required goods and/or service?
  • Is your company capable of achieving success?
  • Do you have the resources required to fulfil the contract?
  • Are your quotes accurate?
  • Is the tender appropriate for you company?

It is also extremely useful for a tender writer to research previously successful tender applicants.

  • What made the previously tender applicants successful?
  • What are your competitors services and pricing?

As a tender application writer, it is very prudent to thoroughly know the funding body.

  • What are the funding body requirements?
  • What are the funding body’s interests and objectives?
  • Can your company relate to these objectives?


A tender writer must make a compelling bid for the company. This must involve,

  • Following all instructions as set out by the funding body. This may include word or page limits and font. Going outside these instructions will not help your chances of being awarded the contract.
  • Competitive costing will help your tender application stand out. Can you do the job for less?
  • Set out clear and concise key company structures and polices which you can focus on through the application.
  • You may need to include a financial audit. This will evidence that your company is financially capable to take on the contract. An accountant can provide this for your company.



As a tender writer, you will need to check and then re-check your application. Some tenders may include a check list. This will ensure that you have addressed all necessary requirements of the tender. If no check is provided, consider making your own. This could be a great help.

  • Ensure you have all the details correct on your application. Spelling mistakes or missing information is not a good idea.
  • Check all documents requested have been included.
  • Ensure ALL other requirements of the application are addressed.

Professional help is also available for tender writing. Find an appropriate tender writer for your company. A tender writer who has an established track record of successful tender applications. A tender writer with experience in your company’s industry, would be a great advantage. Whether you need tender writers Sydney or tender writers Melbourne or anywhere across this nation, at Red Tape Busters we specialise in Tender writing and will make the tender writing process easy for your company.