Getting your Job Application right

Getting your Job Application right
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  • Aug 24, 2020
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There are a number of ways to make sure your job application gets noticed. Today’s job market sees more and more people with the necessary skills and experience applying for the same jobs. So how do you ensure your job application gets noticed?

Firstly, understand who you are. Know what you offer and direct your job application’s content around who you are. Do not create a generic job application as this generalising approach may make you come across as a ‘Jack of all trades, Master of none’. Employers look for applicant whose skills and experience can add immediate benefit.
It is particularly important to include keywords in your job application. By mirroring the key content in the job description, you will increase your chances of being perceived as a viable candidate. Try using key industry buzz words to get noticed and to demonstrate your industry knowledge.

You need to write a customised cover letter for every job application you write. Go through the job description carefully and highlight all your relevant skills, experience, specific expertise, and qualifications. Ensure you emphasise your relevant experience in a similar role or industry. Indicate to the prospective employer any success you have achieved as well as how it might be relevant to them.

It is important to tailor your resume for every job application. Look at re-arranging some points or emphasising certain features of your job history. Tailoring your resume for every application is just as important as a customised cover letter. It is very important that you immediately identify yourself as being the ideal candidate. This will not be achieved with generic content.

Always ensure that your job application is addressed to the individual mentioned in the job advertisement. If you have had initial contact with the recruiter or employer, refer to that conversation. With LinkedIn and every other online information sources, it is not very hard to find out the correct name, the appropriate title and a company’s address. Sourcing this information will only take a few minutes and it will allow you to address your job application professionally.

Ensure you include all your relevant details in your cover letter. Your contact details should be followed by a bold heading stating the job title, then a quick sentence on where the job was advertised and a reference number if this is applicable. This makes job identification easy for a recruiter with multiple positions available to assign your job application to the appropriate area for assessment.

Do not forget to follow up your job application. This is especially important if you have contacted the recruiter before submitting your job application. A brief voicemail or a short email is acceptable as it shows interest and commitment. Briefly emphasise how you match the job description and ensure you reiterate your desire and availability for an interview.

Do not underestimate the value in taking a little extra time to customise the content of your job application. Do not underestimate the value in a professional job application writer either. A professional job application writer can see your skills and experience in a new light and use their knowledge of the job application process to put the polish on your job application that you may not know is missing. Red Tape Busters has an enthusiastic team of job application writers that are ready and eager to help. Job application writer Melbourne, job application Brisbane, or a job application writer anywhere across Australia, Red Tape Busters are waiting to help.