Writing a resume to wow the employer

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  • Dec 02, 2021
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When submitting a resume one of the most important facts to keep in mind is that you have 7-10 seconds to grab the attention of the reader before they put it aside for the next applicant. If the resume writer grabs their attention, they will then read the entire resume carefully, looking for confirmation that the job application writer has the skills and capabilities to match the position.

So, knowing we have a few short seconds to connect with the employer how do we write a resume that will wow them?

A professional resume writer knows the absolute importance of tailoring every resume to perfectly match the advertised position. Unfortunately, a lot of job applicants tend to send the same version of their resume for multiple job advertisements. Whether this is due to lack of time or uncertainty in how to tailor their resume to each position it does not do the average job applicant any favours and is in fact the number one reason for not receiving a request for an interview.

Even if the job applicant is applying for the same role title within one particular industry each advertised role will place different emphasis on the skills, qualifications knowledge or experience they wish their employees to hold. Each company will hold their own values and culture and they are looking for the applicant who is the best ‘fit’.

If you want to wow the employer your resume needs to be adjusted for each particular job you are applying for. The average job applicant will find this intimidating or daunting so using the skills and experience of a professional resume writer can increase your chance of success and ensure your resume will stand out from the crowd.

The resume writer, when compiling a resume that is tailored for the job position, will ensure that the exact skills, responsibilities, and qualifications mentioned in the position description are included in the resume. Using keywords as they appear in the job description draws a link between what you have to offer and what the employer is seeking. When the employer is perusing your resume, they are looking for those keywords and links. It will make them look more closely at you and potentially invite you in for an interview.

When job application writing focus on the quality of the content not the quantity. Several pages listing past positions and every minor task you fulfilled in those roles will not impress – in fact, they are more likely to bore the reader and deflect them from noticing your attributes. Make sure you focus on specific achievements and results achieved in past positions and ensure all your statements are provable. Do not be inaccurate or untruthful or exaggerate as this only tends to make things difficult down the track.

The resume should be written listing the information and requirements in the same order they were included in the position description. They should reflect equal importance and relevance to the position as it is advertised. This allows the employer to quickly draw parallels and see where you match their requirements.

Some other simple tips to ensure the resume writer wows the employer include checking for spelling and grammar errors prior to submitting your resume. Use a good, clear, easy to read font that is a decent size and allow enough white space on the page for the resume to be clearly readable and allow notes to be written. This demonstrates your professionalism and indicates you pay attention to detail.