Grant writing – Why now is the time to strike

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  • Nov 15, 2021
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New grants are being announced every day to help not for profit sporting and community groups and organisation to help with economic and community recovery. Applying for a grant is not an exact science, although there are steps you can take to increase your group or organisation’s chances of receiving funding. Here are some tips that will elevate your grant application to the top of the pile.

Spell out the need:

“We could use some funding” is not the answer to why you are applying for a grant. Clearly describe the need your project will meet within your community. If you have been adversely affected by COVID 19, detail exactly how.

Differentiate yourself:

Detail how your group or organisation’s work differs from other not for profits to set yourself apart. You will significantly increase your chances of securing funding if you can set your organisation apart from the rest.

Target a specific project for your proposal:

Focus your grant application on a particular project. This will increase your chances of receiving funding. And be detailed. Demonstrate the level of thought put into the project and the effect the project will have on the road to economic and community recovery.

Eliminate industry words and jargon:

It is always best to eliminate all internally used industry acronyms and jargon. Tell your story in a language that everyone can understand.

Emphasis more solutions than problems:

Concentrating too much on problems and not on the solutions can give your grant application a negative vibe. Funding bodies want to be informed on how you are going to accomplish your objectives more than why.

Ensure your budget makes sense:

Math errors or unrealistic guesses in your budget, will automatically undermine your organisation’s credibility. Be sure the math adds up and your budget makes sense. It needs to also support the objectives you are proposing to accomplish.

Do not procrastinate:

It is essential not to wait until the very last minute to write your grants. You will certainly make avoidable mistakes if you are rushed. Leave time for editing or rewriting.

Pay close attention to the details:

Some foundations can be very selective about their funding. If they specify typeface, page length, page margins, etc., ensure you follow the specifications. They may not seem important or make sense to you, but funding bodies have their reasons. Not adhering to their specifications may get your grant application thrown aside. Having your proposal rejected because of logistics is a waste of time, effort and resources.

Do not bog down your application with unnecessary attachments:

Most funding bodies will be specific about what to send, and it is not necessary to attach more than they request. Again, it is vital to follow the funding bodies rules. They are reading a lot of grant applications, and they may view unnecessary material as an annoyance.

Consider enlisting the help of a professional grant writer:

A professional grant writer has the skills and experience to inspire, engage and motivate the funding body to support your group or organisation’s mission. They can work with you to create a grant winning application. Red Tape Busters has a team of highly skilled grant writers ready to help you receive funding. Grant writers Sydney, Grant writers Brisbane, Grant Writers Melbourne and Australia wide, with the current need for financial recovery, Red Tape Busters are waiting for you.