Tips for successful grant writing

Tips for successful Grant Writing
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  • Jan 09, 2021
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Applying for grants can take a lot of valuable time, resources and energy. Before embarking on an application, ensure you carefully read the guidelines carefully to confirm the grant is suitable for your project.

Managing your project

Funding bodies want to clearly see lines of responsibility for all aspects of project management. They will require demonstrated experience and abilities in the project co-ordination, timetabling and managing all people involved in the project. They will require a nominated person who will drive the project.

Demonstrating your credibility

Grant applications may have questions about constitutions, annual reports, strategic plans, and previous your grant history. They help the funding body determine how your organisation operates and how you will manage the money. Ensure you address these aspects of the application and collect all the relevant documents and information before writing the application.

Building partnerships

Working with your local council and developing relationships with other not for profit organisations in your community can prove to be very productive. Demonstrating strong community support and involvement to the funding body is important. Funding bodies want their funds to benefit as many different groups of people within your community as possible.

Funding bodies may require you to demonstrate how your organisation will include your community in your project. Funding bodies are committed to building long-term partnerships and sharing resources across like organisations and particularly in regional areas.

Selling your project

Get together and brainstorm the main factors of your project. Prioritise these factors and ensure you can accurately describe each feature of your project. Try and identify why it is important for your project to be funded instead of other projects. Express this clearly at the commencement of the application and it will increase your chances of success.

Be clear and concise

Most funding organisations will receive more grant applications than funding available. It is vitally important that you attract their attention in the initial paragraph of the application. Clearly explain the main elements of your project and how your project will marry in with the other aims of your organisation. If the funding body sets a word limit, ensure you stick to it. Your grant application must be easy to read and understand.

Use plain English

It is advisable to minimise your use of technical terms and jargon. Simple, straightforward, plain English is easier to write, faster to read and will get your message across in a no-nonsense way.

Grants are a competitive process

Your grant application will be assessed against other organisations grant applications. Every grant applicant believes their project is the project that should be funded, so the tone of your grant application needs to be well-reasoned, optimistic with a clear and concise message.
You have a very limited timeframe to capture the funding body’s attention and to put forward your case. Ensure your application is complete, has all the required attachments and is neat and easily read. Check it, double check it and ask someone else to check it again, well before the submission deadline.

Help is available

Grant writing can be a daunting task which can drain valuable resources. A professional grant writer is an invaluable investment. A professional, experienced grant writer will work with you to develop a high standard grant application. Red Tape Busters has a team of professional grant writers waiting to help. Grant writer Sydney, Grant writer Perth, grant writer Melbourne, and everywhere in between, Red Tape Busters are ready to help.