The “Why, What and When” of Resumes

The Why, What and When of Resumes
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  • Nov 20, 2020
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What is a resume?

A resume is a written composition of your personal details, work experience, education, accomplishments, contact details and credentials. Most employers will ask that applicants submit a resume along with and a cover letter as part of the job application process. In most cases, your resume is a true first impression to a hiring manager as it is, more times than not, the first document they will look at on receiving your job application. Therefore, it is very important to put some time and effort into the development of your resume as well as maintaining and updating it.

Whether writing your first resume, or updating and refreshing your existing resume, there are some things you will need to consider that will help guide you to write a resume that is of a high standard and will help you land your dream job.

What is the Purpose of your Resume?

Your resume is an opportunity to “self-advertise” by summing up your experience on one page. It is one of the most imperative parts of your job application. It gives the employer or hiring manager an overview of the experience and qualifications you have for the position which you are applying for.

What are the key differences between a resume and a cover letter?

A resume is normally sent with your cover letter, a letter that provides detailed information about your skills and experience. A resume is a crisp bulleted summary, whilst a cover letter is used to highlight and expand on certain accomplishments, experiences and traits that are unique to you or would be ideal assets for the specific job.
What are the most important differences between a resume and a CV?

The key differences between a resume and a curriculum vitae (CV) is what each is used for and what is included in them. Occasionally you will see references to resume and CV used as if they are the same thing. They are not the same. While job applications can use both a resume and a CV, they are not always interchangeable.
Resumes are competency-based. They are documents for personal marketing, intended to showcase your skills, work experience, notable achievements.

Curriculum vitae are credential based. They provide a comprehensive and lengthy listing of your education, research experience, certifications, and professional affiliations. C.V’s are generally submitted for jobs in academia, medical fields, and scientific research.

Why use a professional resume writer?

Professional resume writers can help you navigate the world of resumes. A resume writer will be able to identify whether a resume or C.V. is necessary. A job application writer can work with you to create a high standard document. Red Tape Busters has a team of professional resume writers who are ready to start working with you. Red Tape Buster’s consultants are as enthusiastic as you are to land your dream job. With resume writers Sydney, resume writers Melbourne, resume writers Brisbane and resume writers Australia wide, Red Tape Busters are ready to help you.