Stacey Taylor

Professional Consultant

Stacey brings over thirty years experience in both the private and public sectors. As a former senior public servant for Queensland Government, Stacey holds a degree in Public Sector Management and specialises in improving the “customer experience”.
Stacey’s most recent position was Product Centre Manager for Client Service Delivery with the Department of Transport and Main Roads. During this time she was responsible for the introduction of many new initiatives within South East Queensland, Customer Service Centres. She recognises how confronting it can be doing business with Government departments and will endevour to make this process less daunting for her clients.
She can cut through legislation, policies and procedures and provide expert advice. Her passion lays in restructuring business units and realigning the right people to the job by developing Role Descriptions and Key Point Indicators to achieve better productivity and financial savings. With excellent communication skills and a positive attitude Stacey is excited to join Red Tape Busters team.