Job Application Writing Tip

  • by redtapebusters
  • Nov 20, 2013
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We are specialists in job application writing both in the commercial world and in the public sector. As such over the following months we will provide tips on how to find employment opportunities and then how to prepare great applications and then subsequently slay the interview. It is important to firstly understand how positions become vacant. In essence they become vacant via three main streams:-

• Natural attrition;

• Restructures;

• Position upgrades.

Natural attrition can involve the following:-

Retirement, resignation, long-term leave or promotion of Incumbent.

Restructuring occurs where structures within an organization undergo significant changes and thus positions are created within those structures as a result of budgetary impacts, a change in Government direction, feedback from clients and stakeholders or changes in legislation.

There are also occasions where positions are upgraded from one level to another, resulting in a vacancy for applications suitable for the requirements of the higher level. At times – positions are also downgraded. So keep your eyes open and ears to the ground to ensure you are made aware of any possible opportunities.