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  • by redtapebusters
  • Nov 20, 2013
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At Red Tape Busters we are specialist job application writers with a significant success rate of our clients receiving interviews based on their written applications. On average around 85% of our clients are successful in winning interviews. To achieve such a high success rate, we obviously have to have great wordsmithing skills but we also have to give our clients great service and quality advice with respect to what positions to pursue and what positions they should not pursue in our view. From our perspective it is not appropriate for us to prepare an application when we believe our client does not have the skills/experience required and as a result we believe they will have little or no chance of winning an interview for the position. We are very strategic in our approach to all our services – job application, tender and grant writing. As a result our clients reap rewards in having the best possible chance of success before we even put pen to paper so to speak.