Grant Writer Testimonial – National Servicemen’s Association of Australia

Hi Shane

I am a great believer in feedback.   Whether it is good or bad, it is the way to success.

I am unaware of how close your contact with Paul Redmond is but I want you to know we hold him in the highest regard and can never thank him enough.

I am in regular contact with Paul and am well aware of some of the ‘hurdles’ he faces when applying for grants and dealing with those involved. – The most recent was the frustrating ways of members of the Bris. City Council whereby Paul had to reopen the applications and change things to suit them.

Paul was very patient and complied and of course succeeded.   He has a good attitude!

I find him pleasant and very efficient.   He notifies us of forthcoming grants about to appear and gives us good advice in what to apply for.

We are very happy with Red Tape Busters and the professional manner in which you attend to us.

I am sure this is, in part, due to the professional and efficient manner in which your employee Paul Redmond attends to the Nashos.


Neal Freier


National Servicemen’s Association of Australia