Your Memorable Cover Letter

Your memorable cover letter
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  • Mar 21, 2022
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A professional job application writer will be able to assist the job applicant in crafting the perfect cover letter to accompany their job application. While your resume is supposed to lay out the facts about you your cover letter is meant to convey more personality.

Your cover letter is your first introduction to the person who may potentially hire you and the main goal of the cover letter is to make you as memorable as possible in a positive way.

As a result of its importance in the process every cover letter you provide should be unique. No templates, no form letter fill in the box style available online. It should be formatted to be responsive to the position and the industry you are applying for.

For a cover letter to be successful it should contain the following:

A memorable and personal introduction. This is where you introduce yourself to the potential employer and tell them a little about yourself, it includes the position you are applying for and briefly, why you want that position.

Specific and organised examples of relevant work skills and experience. In the body of your cover letter, you are providing information for the employer on how your qualifications, skills, knowledge, and experience meets with their requirements in their job description.

A concise conclusive summary that pulls it all together. You use this last paragraph to confirm your interest in the role and add a statement about what makes you a perfect fit for the position and state clearly your willingness and enthusiasm to meet with the employer to further discuss your application.

So how best do we provide the information required? It is certainly not through listing all your skills and experience as it appears already on your resume. In job application writing a writer can help you to read through the job description and brainstorm examples from your employment experience that match with each of the selection criteria or keywords.

Choose the selection criteria mentioned in the job description as important or necessary and ensure you cover each of these in your cover letter.

Now write an anecdote or story describing real situations from your career that demonstrate and highlight your skills and experience that match each of the important requirements or key words. Use their keywords in your letter – this demonstrates attention to detail and that you have read and understood their needs and furthermore that you have the skills and experience they require. Be sure that your stories focus on those skills and requirements and demonstrate your proficiency and your cover letter will be memorable and interesting to the reader as it is more individual and unique.

Although there is no format for a cover letter it should be visually appealing and organised and present the information in a systematic way. It should leave the reader feeling that you are the right person for their position. Your cover letter should leave them no doubt that an interview is imperative and then the interview becomes your showcase to prove you are the best candidate for their position.