What types of Job Applications are there?

What types of Job Applications are there
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  • Oct 08, 2020
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Searching for that elusive dream job is hard enough without adding the confusion and frustration of writing the job applications. Unless you are an experienced job application writer, it may feel overwhelming. If you are looking to apply for a job, how you will apply will depend on the employer. Job applications can be completed in several different ways.

Online job applications: These are typically forms that are completed at the employer’s website or a mobile device app. In some cases, submitting a resume and cover letter online will be enough to be considered your application. Not all companies require that you fill in a digital application form.

Although, some digital applications may require you to input your personal and professional data directly into their own system. Most times they will frequently provide you the option to attach your resume and a cover letter.

There are estimated to be thousands of websites that allow you to post your resume and complete a digital job application. Sometimes, you can apply online on job websites and apps like seek.com or Indeed.com. Sometimes, you will be able to apply directly on a company’s website.

In-Person Job Applications
: Many retail and hospitality employers expect prospective employees to apply in-person or at the business. This approach is not as complicated as an online application, although you should be prepared to apply for a position and then maybe even be interviewed on the spot.

Email Job Applications: Another option for submitting a job application is using email for jobs. It is important all your communications are professional. Imagine you are mailing a paper application.
Paper Job Applications. Paper job application forms are forms that you fill out when you apply in person at a business for a position.

Information Required for a job Application

The information that you will generally be required to provide in a job application will be your personal information, your educational background and your work history.

Personal Information

The information you may be asked to provide in a job application may include your name, address, phoner number and email address. It may be prudent to also include that you are eligible to work in Australia as a citizen or a work visa etc.

Educational Background

Your educational background should include the School(s) you have attended and any degrees you have passed. Also include any Certifications, your skills and all your qualifications.

Work History

Your work history should include companies you have worked for, positions you held, salary, and the length of your employment. Some employers will also require you to provide references with your job application.

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