Tender writing tips

  • by redtapebusters
  • May 06, 2014
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Successful tender writing requires a strategic approach from the tender writer to achieve success. There are many aspects to consider in applying for tenders and even before you do apply. It is vital before a company or non profit entity charges in and lodges a response to a request for tenderers that they carefully analyse the requirements of the tender plus their ability to prepare a robust response AND most importantly their ability/capacity to deliver if they in fact their response is successful. Preparing a tender can be very costly in staff time, hiring a specialist tender writer like Red Tape Busters or in costs incurred in having the response prepared, printed and collated etc.

Before deciding to prepare a response you should consider when it closes. Do you have the time, resources, skills required to prepare a comprehensive response? You should also obviously consider the Selection Criteria and if you can prepare detailed responses to these and include past examples of your experience or capacity to handle this type of contract previously. This is really important – where possible you need to refer to existing or past contracts which are similar to the scope of this tender in order to provide proof that you can deliver on contracts of the specifications and extent of the tender you are thinking of applying for. So it is essential that you spend preparation time in putting together initial thoughts on how you will respond to the Criteria and what examples you can bring to the “argument”.

You also need to consider your pricing – can you make a profit and win the tender or do you want to take a “loss” on price to essentially to get a foot in the door and win the contract with a view to proving your value and experience to set you up for other opportunities? Remember if your pricing structure is not highly competitive, you simply won’t be much chance of winning the tender.

The key issues to be considered in determining if you should apply for a tender is your ability to deliver and does it fit within your organisations strategic goals and drivers. This requires you to critically analyse the business to identify if you have the staff, resources and capacity to deliver an outstanding result if you were awarded the tender. The reputation of your organisation will be badly damaged if you win a tender and can’t complete same or fail to deliver. Further this could open you up to litigation as well – obviously to be avoided at all costs. As identified it is vital that pursuing a tender opportunity or indeed opportunities is considered in light of your overall Business Plan and strategic imperatives. Does it fit with your overall business objectives and support the outcomes you have identified for your long term growth?

Only once you have undertaken these pre-tender considerations can you make an appropriate decision to pursue tender opportunities.

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