Shane Bowering

Managing Director of Red Tape Busters

Shane brings a wealth of experience and skills to Red Tape Busters. Shane is a former senior public servant with the Queensland Government.

He brings over twenty years of experience in liaising, consulting, negotiating with and advising members of the public, industry bodies and public sector employees on Government strategies and objectives, legislation and processes.

Having been on the inside Shane understands the workings of Government and therefore can provide specialist advice to our clients and direction to our consultants on how best to achieve their required outcomes. He also has significant experience in reviewing and restructuring business units within Government Departments and realigning work processes to achieve both productivity dividends and financial savings and as such he works with many businesses and non profit organisations to improve their accountability, professionalism and bottom line.

Shane is also our ‘media tart’ appearing regularly on A Current Affair, The Today Show and Channel 9 News while also having featured regularly on radio in Brisbane on River 94.9 FM with Danny Hoyland on Saturday mornings and weekday mornings on 4BC talkback with Greg Cary.