Paul Redmond

Professional Consultant

Paul has more than 20 years experience as a Logistics and Procurement Officer with Government after being employed by both the Federal and Queensland Governments. Paul’s most recent position in government was as a Senior Procurement Advisor for the Department of Education and Training.

A couple of years ago Paul decided to try something different and opened his own Cleaning and Mowing business but found he missed the interaction with people of all walks of life. So Paul has decided to offer his wealth of procurement experience to Red Tape Busters.

Paul has sat on and helped evaluate tenders for a wide variety of government requirements, for example:- Cleaning Consumables, Food, Timber, Electrical Consumables and for services such as the Supply of Security Services and Rubbish Removal to government owned enterprises throughout Queensland. Having being tasked with the Contract Management of the arrangements put in place, also required Paul to have strong verbal and written communication skills. These skills included the ability to communicate effectively with all levels of business from the C.E.O. to the delivery driver.

With the knowledge he has gained from writing and evaluating government tenders, Paul now can help businesses both large and small with their tender/grant submissions.