Job Application Writing Tip 2

  • by redtapebusters
  • Dec 26, 2013
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Applying for a job is a challenging and stressful process. At Red Tape Busters we are specialist in job application writing, tender writing, grant writing and in lobbying Government and Councils on behalf of clients. Previously we discussed how jobs in the public sector come to be open to be filled. Today we will discuss the importance of searching widely for possible job opportunities. Obviously the easiest way to find job vacancies is through the media outlets and in checking your local paper or Wednesday/Saturday editions of your major City/State/National newspapers. While the importance of the media and in particular newspapers is diminishing, many organisations still believe that they must advertise any job vacancies in the newspapers. However more and more organisations either advertise job vacancies exclusively online now or they complement their advertising in newspapers with a web based presence. The main online web sites for job vacancies include:-

  • Seek;
  • Career One;
  • My Career;
  • Job Search.

Obviously many organisations, Government agencies and Councils also list job vacancies on their individual websites so if you know a job is being advertised or you are interested in working for a specific organisation then look directly at the relevant website. Another really important way to become aware of potential or existing job vacancies is via networking. While the “old boys club” approach to filling vacancies is becoming a less and less phenomenon it still happens. More specifically though while the job might not be filled through the old boys network the positive word of a friend who is an employee in the right ear within the organisation or company certainly wont hurt your chances of getting an interview or winning the job. Friends, colleagues and others that you have stumbled across in your career are all vital cogs in identifying job opportunities given they might know someone who knows someone who knows of a vacancy that might suit you perfectly. So when you are actively searching for a new job it is essential that you contact those within your network to see if they might be able to point you in the right direction.

Searching for job opportunities however should be a considered all encompassing strategy where you use all avenues at your disposal to find as many possible employment opportunities as possible. That one job that fits you exactly and that you fit it exactly are few and far between so the wider you can leverage your search the better chance you have of finding that dream job. Remember  though be patient, it is important to find the right job Рnot just any job. We spend more time at work than we do awake and at home with our family so it is vital that you are happy and satisfied in the workplace and finding the right job is therefore crucial. If you take these tips you are well on your way to finding that one job for you.

At Red Tape Busters we pride ourselves on being tender writers, grant writers and job application writers without peer in Australia. 2014 will be an exciting year for us as we look to further broaden our exposure interstate. One of our primary goals is to be known as the number one grant and tender writer in Sydney by the end of next year. We are well on our way!