Identifying and defining your grant funding needs

Identifying and defining your grant funding needs
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  • Jan 31, 2022
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While it is sometimes tempting for a NFP organisation to randomly apply for any and all grant funding simply because they have become aware of it and let’s face it they can all use a funding injection it is important to actually have completed significant groundwork first and to be clear in what they want to fund if they intend to actually be successful in their application.

Grant writers can attest that grant funding is highly sought after and extremely competitive so to increase your chance of success there are some important things to consider.

It is not advisable to find funding then try and design a project to suit the funding. This will be apparent to the funding body and will not come across in your favour. Grant writing applicants should work with their Grant writer Sydney to clearly identify the organisation funding needs prior to looking for suitable grants. The Grant writer Sydney is usually very familiar with all the forms of grant funding that is available to the NFP sector and matching the organisation with a suitable grant is imperative as all grants have basic parameters stating who is eligible for their funding.

The NFP organisation should in partnership with their Grant writer Melbourne develop a funding needs document that clearly answers the questions that funding bodies are looking for in grant proposals.

First define or describe what the funding need is and what is required to fulfil the need. Your Grant writer will use this information within the grant application to inform the funding body what your goal or objective is.

Secondly, the Grant writer need to clearly communicate what the problem or issue is that your program is designed to address and how it will solve the perceived problem. Who are the stakeholders your project or program will cater to and why is your program or project important. These are all important questions required as part of the selection process and you need to clarify them with the Grant writer, so they write a compelling application.

The grant funding body wants to see results for their funding, so the Grant writer also needs to identify how you intend to measure your success and what is the timeline? When do you expect to implement the program if you are successful in receiving the funding? This needs to be clearly addressed in your application by the Grant writer.

Thirdly the Grant writer will describe how implementing your program will solve the problem or issue you have identified and who exactly will benefit. What are the ongoing benefits to the community and how will you continue to fund the program after the grant funding expires.

Lastly your budget needs to be clear and understandable. How much will your program cost exactly? Are there any other forms of funding available to supplement the grant funding such as donations, in kind volunteer hour contributions, membership fees etcetera? Therefore, if it is clear that the program or project will need ongoing funding to continue clearly describe where these funds will come from.

Your Grant writer can assist the NFP organisation with their grant application but clearly there is groundwork that needs to be laid by the organisation first.