Job Application Writing Tip 1

  • by redtapebusters
  • Nov 26, 2013
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Job application writing in a public sector context obviously requires the applicant to firstly identify positions which are vacant or recently created. Before a position is advertised to be filled a determination will need to be made as to what process will be enacted to fill the position. Vacant positions can generally be filled as follows:- General recruitment process; Compassionate transfers; Redeployment or restructure – example 4 staff in a department that only has 3 jobs after a restructure, one staff member can be deployed into another position; Equal transfer – where an employee can apply for another position of the same level as their current position; Temporary appointments – where a position is vacant and the Department/Council appoints a person on a temporary basis without going through the advertising process. Temporary appointments normally comply with set time restrictions; and Secondments and relief – this is where someone from another Department or section is seconded into the position or the position is determined as a relief position and not permanently filled. In relation to filling positions through the normal recruitment and selection processes there are a number of initiatives, which must be undertaken prior to the interviewing process taking place. The following activities generally must be implemented prior to a position being advertised:- Ensure a position number is allocated to the designated position and that the position is vacant and can actually be filled; Ensure the position description (PD) is current and reflects the requirements of the relevant section; Determine the relevant selection criteria for the position; Have the Position Description evaluated to determine the appropriate classification level; Make changes to the PD dependent on the classification level arrived at through the evaluation if the classification level does not meet the needs of the organization; Have the PD re-evaluated; Have the PD approved and endorsement obtained by senior officers to advertise; and Determine the appropriate advertising medium – ie Government Gazette, Newspapers – local, interstate etc (dependent on the applicant profile sought). Firstly the Department/Council must determine that a position is vacant and that it is going to be advertised. The Manager/Supervisor of the area where the vacancy exists normally is responsible for ensuring that the Position Description for the vacancy is current. They will make changes to the Description if necessary. The changes may come about because the current status of the position no longer meets the needs of the department or through some other organisational issues. If changes are in fact made to the Position Description it is then formally evaluated to identify its appropriate classification level. If the level arrived at through the evaluation meets the needs of the organisation, the position is then advertised. If the level does not meet their needs, further changes are made to the Position Description and it is again re-evaluated and subsequently advertised. If no changes have been made to the PD – the position can be immediately advertised. This can be achieved through the Government Gazette, the Government/Department Web Site or Media outlets. Once the position is advertised, the potential applicant then needs to carefully analyse the position to determine if they have the skills and experience required. At Red Tape Busters we assist our clients to determine if they should apply for a position. Put simply if they do not have the skills and experience required and we believe they will fail to win an interview for the position we will advise firmly NOT to proceed with an application.