President Maleny Golf Club

Out of sheer curiosity this afternoon, I checked the State Department of Sport and Rec’s website for any evidence that the grant announcement might be in the pipeline. And to my great surprise, and with much pleasure, I found that the Maleny Golf Club was listed amongst the successful Clubs. So many many thanks to you, Paul, for all your efforts in helping secure such a good result – $100,000. We now just have to wait for the outstanding gambling grant application before I award you 10 out of 10!! I hope Red Tape Busters featured with other successful applications.

It was a great pleasure working with you; and I hope we can repeat the process in the near future.

And also thanks to Golf Queensland for fostering and supporting the grant application process through Red Tape Busters. I notice a good sprinkling of grants for other QLD golf clubs. It’s good to see our sport well represented.

Again, thanks and regards, Max, President Maleny Golf Club”