Daniel de Wit

Operations Manager, Pressure Cleaning Experts

I would like to take this chance to thank you for the services you’ve offered us. About two weeks ago Todd and myself where this close to calling off the whole Tender process as it turned out to be too much of an unknown terrain for us were we could find ourselves easily lost. Todd decided to look for help and in a matter of seconds Todd found your company on Google. Our luck was starting to change, you were even close by and within minutes, we met up and you gave us a bit of hope that we could still hand in a decent Tender in time.

You assigned Paul to our Tender, which turned out to be a perfect match. Paul understood what we wanted to say in this Tender and helped us out in a way that couldn’t be better. Paul was easy to contact by email, even after hours, which was really good for us!! And he responded almost straight away. Paul ended up creating a professional tender document that shows exactly what our company is and can do. A document we proudly uploaded (on time) at the Tenderbox. The Tender documents looked so good, that we even think there’s a chance we could win this Tender. Again, many thanks to you and Paul!

Kind regards, also on behalf of Todd,
Daniel de Wit, Operations Manager, Pressure Cleaning Experts