Garry Walter

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  • Jan 05, 2021
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Garry has a broad range of experience gained through a work history comprising of 16 years in the Emergency Services, 8 years in the Underground Coal Mining Sector, the Security Industry and the remainder in Private Enterprise and incorporates qualifications in the following: –

  • Emergency Management and Response
  • Workplace Health and Safety
  • Risk Assessment and Management
  • Project Planning and Development
  • Education and Training
  • Incident and Accident Investigation
  • Occupational First Aid
  • Private Investigations

He has also owned and operated his own small businesses, been elected by his peers to Site Safety and Health Representative in Underground Coal Mining and received a number of commendations for his work in the Emergency Services. Garry’s goal is to assist all our clients achieve their outcomes but Garry from his background has a great affinity with small local organisations and businesses and wants to make a real difference especially with these clients.

Gerard Briody

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  • Jan 04, 2021
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Gerard has significant experience in Business Management and Financial Control including extensive knowledge of business strategy, systems implementation, budgeting, financial modelling, cash flow management, contracts management, corporate governance and reporting, Gerard’s work history has encompassed tax agent, commercial real estate, farming, agricultural products exporting, investment portfolio management, trustee of a deceased estate, mining services, several company directorships and company secretary. Through this experience Gerard has built up extensive knowledge of what works and what doesn’t work in business or the not for profit sector, where the opportunities lie but also the dangers. Gerard has a strong sense of intuition and knows that an apparent good plan can come unstuck with the wrong funding structure, the wrong people or wrong systems in place. Gerard has worked with great business people and picked up invaluable advice along the way. His favourite and the one he uses at every opportunity is:

The Five W’s.

  • What is going right.
  • What is not going right.
  • What’s missing.
  • What needs to change.
  • What Resources do we need.

Gerard has for the past 15 years being treasurer of his local St Vincent de Paul Conference and treasurer for the past 2 years of his local Rotary club. Gerard served on the St Vincent de Paul Society Investment Committee (Qld) for 6 years during that time Gerard and another member drew up an investment policy that was accepted at both State and National level.
Gerard completed a Bachelor of Commerce part-time and went on to complete the exams to become a Certified Practising Accountant (CPA). Gerard loves learning and acquiring useful knowledge. Gerard undertakes numerous courses and attends seminars, both online and offline and is currently completing a Double Diploma in Project Management and Leadership and Management through the Australian Institute of Management (AIM). Gerard believes this extra study combined with his considerable business and finance experience will equip him with additional tools to add value to our grant and tender writing clients. Gerard is excited about the challenge to assist organisations, both profit and not for profit throughout the country, be a better version of themselves and be able to assist with at least the last of the 5 W’s. We are excited to have Gerard joining our team.

Samantha Brand

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  • Jan 03, 2021
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Samantha has over 20 years of experience working in the Private Sector in commercial sales, customer service and small business management. She has established and managed several online businesses, developing advertising and marketing strategies to drive a significant client base with proven sales records. Samantha has four years of experience working in the Federal Government, specializing in client service, conflict resolution, negotiation, investigative research, financial analysis, asset procurement, and litigation.

In her time with the Federal Government Agency, Samantha has developed technical procedures, policies and guidelines, working within relevant Legislative requirements. Samantha also studied a Bachelor of Medical Science as a mature age student at the Australia National University, later putting her studies on hold to further advance her career.

She has spent the last five years as an independent contractor, servicing clients in the Canberra region. Samantha (or Sam as we know her) brings enthusiasm, commitment and fabulous wordsmithing skills to the RTB team. We now have a dedicated resource for the ACT area and surrounds and while we have serviced those areas for years, having a local expert will really enhance our ability to work closely with local clients.

Terri Stewart

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  • Jan 02, 2021
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As an Historian and Significance Assessor Terri has worked professionally within the museum sector and as a freelance consultant within the cultural heritage industry.  She is skilled in historical research, significance assessment reports, the recording of oral history and the research and writing of legacy/lifestories.   Terri has a Bachelor of Arts (Australian and International History); a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Australian History (Thesis title: “The Forgotten Battlefront: Australia’s War on the ‘Spanish’ Influenza, 1918-19 – a Queensland Perspective”) and Certification from Significance International, Canberra.

Over her career Terri has undertaken many Significance Assessments of museum collections from single object assessments to whole museum collections.  As a researcher she has produced curatorial reports that have underpinned exhibitions and displays.  Her significance assessments have supported many small regional museum claims for funding for better equipment and facilities to support the conservation of specific collections.  Terri has also written content for training manuals, display panels, websites, public lectures and magazine articles.  Terri looks forward to the opportunity to put her writing and research skills to use to help Red Tape Busters’ clients achieve their funding goals.

John Crampton

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  • Dec 03, 2020
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John Crampton has worked in the Australian high performance sport industry for over 35 years, including management / leadership and senior service provider roles at both the Australian and NSW Institutes of Sport. He has consulted to government ministers, departments of Sport, professional sport managing groups, and major sporting organisations around the world in program review & change and facility design projects. He consulted to the NSW Minister for Sport in the establishment of the NSW Institute of Sport.

Crampton has had the privilege of representing Australia at 2 Olympic Games, and has helped prepare athletes for World Championships, Commonwealth Games and Olympic Games since 1984. John’s professional background is in sport psychology, and he is currently the Chair of the College of Sport & Exercise Psychologists of the Australian Psychological Society. As such he is of great potential value to organisations attempting to “walk the minefield” of ensuring their structures are capable of passing muster in ensuring the mental health of their members, and in seeking assistance from opportunities available to organisations in wellbeing areas.

John established and ran the world acclaimed “Athlete Management Services” group at the NSW Institute of Sport for the Sydney Olympiad, providing career advice and professional development services to coaches, athletes and administrators. Those services included media training, the development of resumes and promotional material, the preparation of sponsorship proposals, training in sponsor servicing, public speaking, training in the use of computer systems, and so on.

His networks in coaching, sports science and medicine also ensure you can be properly informed in approaching grants and other opportunities in the technical areas of your member programs.

Crampton is an industry leader in technology applications in HP sport, and has consulted internationally in the adoption of new technologies in both competition venues and in training programs / environments. He can both review your existing capabilities and your plans for expansion / modernisation, and inform your grant applications for technical growth.

John has worked with over 50 sports at the national level both in Australia and internationally, so has an extensive industry and sport specific knowledge and understanding. Nevertheless, he comes from a family background heavily involved in professional golf, and has worked from grass roots amateur players and their support programs through to major international professional tournament winners. He has consulted to the R&A and Augusta National, and Golf Associations across the Asian area.

You will find that John Crampton is approachable and easy to establish rapport with. His reputation is to “go the extra mile” in support of his clients. He is an accomplished and “well practised” public speaker and author, and is comfortable working across a range of computer platforms.

Frances Crampton

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  • Dec 03, 2020
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Frances has extensive experience in all aspects of sport administration from Club to State to National level as evidenced by the below portfolios and accolades in recognition of her skills and contributions.  Her experience and wealth of knowledge will be invaluable to RTB and clients. Frances is currently an Authorised Marriage and Civil Celebrant, Sport Management, Governance, Event and Function Consultant, and NSW Coordinator of Fitter for Life.

Frances has held the following portfolios:

  • Golf Australia 2 IC and National Director of Golf Development
  • CEO of Women’s Golf NSW
  • Board Director of Jack Newton Junior Golf Foundation
  • Member of Golf Australia Committees for Social participation, Women’s participation, Insurance, General Game Development, Junior Development, Golf Disability Alliance and Indigenous golf
  • Member of the Australian Golf Industry Council
  • NSWIS Golf and Gymnastic Joint Management Committees
  • Chairperson and CEO of the NSW Sports Federation
  • Instigator and Organiser of the Sport NSW Annual Awards
  • Member of a National Committee addressing the lack of media exposure for Women’s Sport
  • CEO Gymnastics NSW
  • Board Director for the NSW Sports Council for the Disabled
  • Head of PE Dep’t at Perth College for 16 years
  • PE/Gymnastic specialist at MLC (Kew, VIC) for 4 years, before going to Canberra to be>
  • Head of Women’s and Rhythmic Gymnastics at the AIS (equivalent to a HPM position)
  • Board Director then President of Softball NSW
  • Member of the organising committee for the World Blind Golf Championships 2014
  • Production Manager for Sydney Olympics Softball and Brisbane Goodwill Games Gymnastics, plus Coach, Section Manager, Judge, Commentator across 5 Olympics and 5 Commonwealth Games.

Frances has been honoured with:

  • Life Membership of
    • Australian Gymnastic Federation
    • Australian Society of Sports Administrators
    • NSW Gymnastic Association
    • NSW Sports Federation
  • An Order of Merit from the NSW Olympic Committee
  • A Distinction Award for services to the Sports Council for the Disabled
  • Honorary Membership of Women’s Golf NSW/ Golf NSW
  • An OAM in 1995 for services to Australian Gymnastics
  • In 2004 received an AM for services to Australian Sport
  • The only person to be recognised in both volunteer and professional sections in the NSW Sports Administrator of the Year

Lisa Davy

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  • Feb 03, 2020
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Lisa has 34 years’ experience in the education industry including Secondary Schooling, Early Childhood Education and Vocational Teaching.

With 12 years’ experience owning and operating, and 10 years in management of Early Childhood Education services she is familiar with developing and implementing the high quality policies and procedures expected under legislation and regulations, completing government forms and reports, writing handbooks and resources for educators, and was successful with several grant applications available within the Educational sector.

As a vocational teacher Lisa has been involved in curriculum development and research and the validation process and has regularly assisted students by writing or refining their resumes and cover letters to ensure they were competitive and successful in the job market.

Lisa has a genuine passion for writing and applies an organised and methodical approach to completing high quality documentation that meets the needs of the client. She has strong customer service and relationship building skills and the ability to work with a wide range of people from varied and diverse backgrounds.

Lisa brings a unique set of skills to Red Tape Busters.

Jim Beck

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  • Feb 03, 2020
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Jim has over 35 years experience working in Senior Roles for the Queensland Government. Some of Jim’s specialty areas include:

  • Highly Experienced Customer Service Director
  • OHS and Risk Management Specialist
  • Licensing, Accreditation/Authorisation, Registration and Compliance
  • Focused on Contemporary Service Delivery Solutions
  • Customer Centric Experiences
  • Red Tape Reduction
  • Business and Stakeholder Engagement
  • Negotiation and Administration of Significant Government Contracts
  • Significant Project Management
  • Cross Agency and Portfolio Experience (Public Transport, Road Safety, Motor Vehicle Registration, Liquor Licensing, Workplace Health and Safety, Information Communication Technology)

Jim was also a foundation Director and Partner of Transnational Consultancy and Training Services and Red Tape Busters. Jim has now returned to the company as a consultant.

Some of Jim’s career highlights include:

  • Major Project – Implementation of High Risk Work (HRW) Licensing in Queensland.
  • Establishment of Workplace Health and Safety Queensland’s and the Electrical Safety Office contact centre and WorkCover One-Stop-Shop.
  • Significant contribution to the national legislative and policy frameworks to achieve national harmonisation of Work, Health and Safety Laws.
  • Establishment of Red Tape Busters Pty Ltd and Transnational Consultancy and Training Services Pty Ltd.
  • Negotiation and Implementation of a TMR RAPS interface which allowed Workplace Health and Safety Queensland’s HRW Licensing System to interface with Transport and Main Roads (TMR) drivers licence database and use TMR’s photograph and digital signature.
  • Transformation of the Office of Industrial Relations ICT Environment.

Jim’s wealth of experience allows him to work with clients to achieve their goals whether they require assistance dealing with Government, the preparation of grant or tender material or business process re-engineering. Jim’s years of experience in OHS also allow him to provide specialist OHS consultancy services to our clients.

Jessica Forester

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  • Feb 03, 2020
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Jessica has had many years’ experience in the industry of education and youth services, Jessica has expertise in legislative and compliance scoping across many fields. This expertise has been used to increase productivity, build community awareness to sensitive and pressing issues, mentor teams of individuals and be a voice for the education and youth sector to a ministerial level. Jessica has obtained tertiary qualifications in Early Childhood, Criminal Psychology and Business Management. Jess as we know her is well renowned for her ability to provide support for teams, non for profit organisations, volunteering roles, community projects, teaching staff and speciality staff with the outcome to enhance skills,  streamline management structures, build team work, implement effective methods to support mental health and embed systems to ensure quality work environments are reviewed and maintained effectively. Achieving what is considered by most to be “outside of the box” or impossible is Jessica’s forte, pushing her own professional knowledge to find a solution that best serves clients and community needs is a rare, resilient and diverse approach that RTB is excited about. Jess is going to be a great addition to the team especially for our clients in the Childcare, Out of School Hours Care and the Education sectors.

Tahlia Lovell

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  • Feb 03, 2020
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Tee is a highly creative & dynamic soul, who flourishes in environments that challenge and stretch her imagination. Her personal and professional experiences have taught her to see social opportunities as a way to become inspired. Currently studying a Bachelor of Creative Industries at QUT, majoring in Communication and Media alongside Entrepreneurship in the Centre for Philanthropy and Non-profit Studies, Tee is striving toward creating her own Social Enterprise. Tee volunteers in community radio as an announcer, producing her own program about festivals & live local music. Described as ‘a breath of fresh air’, Tee established an events committee giving the station greater visibility within the community. Educated in the latest Social Media Management strategies, Tee thrives in the digital world in assisting not for profits and new creatives in business become successful and confident with Social Media. Her specialties also include a strong understanding of the NDIS and disability advocacy.

Tee digs deep into customer insights and barriers, using gut instinct with solid data research and networking skills… finding a way to create the best possible outcome. Tee connects easily with people from all walks of life, understanding social issues and walks her talk with compassion & strength. With a quirky sense of humour and on a constant quest for social justice, Tee believes strongly in the strength of connected communities… With an almost restless sense of curiosity, Tee’s focus lies in ‘Making a difference’ and continues to self-educate & innovate. Tee is an exciting addition to our team and her passion for the underdog, the disadvantaged and those doing it tough fits perfectly with the Red Tape Busters ethos. Tahlia’s expertise in relation to the NDIS and surrounding issues will be of great benefit to our clients going forward.