Jenny Horchner-Wilson

Professional Consultant

I have over 32 years’ experience in the education sector having been employed with Education Qld over this time. In my role as a Principal and in other roles in an educational setting, I have been required to prepare a range of correspondence and yes work on grant funding applications. As such I have an excellent knowledge of grant funding – specifically from a school based and educational context.

For a number of years I worked as a Curriculum Developer. My role was to ensure that the products being developed were inclusive of the needs of students with disabilities.  Therefore the majority of my work was that of editor, writer, creator and as such I really have outstanding wordsmithing skills.

I have a Diploma in Teaching (Special Education), a Graduate Diploma in Special Education (Hearing Impairment), and a Master of Education (Curriculum Development) degree.  I also have been a sessional lecturer of students undertaking a Bachelor of Special Education. I am excited by this opportunity to work with Red Tape Busters and help our clients including schools access some much needed funding.