Trish Nixon

Professional Consultant

Beginning in a rural/remote area Trish worked with The School of Distance Education, then changed direction and worked in hospitality and retail. Trish also has significant experience in managing and running her family transportation and agricultural businesses. In the non profit world, Trish also has substantial experience, having served on the executive for two separate not-for –profit organisations while volunteering to assist various charity organisations in the community. Through her business experience Trish has developed and implemented policies and procedures across a variety of industries. Trish also has fantastic grant writing experience being highly successful in winning grants for the non profit organisations she has assisted. Trish will be a great addition to the Red Tape Busters team and she now gives us a presence in Central Queensland. Given the developments in technology though Trish will; be able to work with our clients all over Australia just like the rest of our Consultants who are spread from South East Queensland To Victoria and down to Tasmania.