Terri Stewart

Professional Consultant

As an Historian and Significance Assessor Terri has worked professionally within the museum sector and as a freelance consultant within the cultural heritage industry.  She is skilled in historical research, significance assessment reports, the recording of oral history and the research and writing of legacy/lifestories.   Terri has a Bachelor of Arts (Australian and International History); a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Australian History (Thesis title: “The Forgotten Battlefront: Australia’s War on the ‘Spanish’ Influenza, 1918-19 – a Queensland Perspective”) and Certification from Significance International, Canberra.

Over her career Terri has undertaken many Significance Assessments of museum collections from single object assessments to whole museum collections.  As a researcher she has produced curatorial reports that have underpinned exhibitions and displays.  Her significance assessments have supported many small regional museum claims for funding for better equipment and facilities to support the conservation of specific collections.  Terri has also written content for training manuals, display panels, websites, public lectures and magazine articles.  Terri looks forward to the opportunity to put her writing and research skills to use to help Red Tape Busters’ clients achieve their funding goals.