Samantha Brand

Professional Consultant

Samantha has over 20 years of experience working in the Private Sector in commercial sales, customer service and small business management. She has established and managed several online businesses, developing advertising and marketing strategies to drive a significant client base with proven sales records. Samantha has four years of experience working in the Federal Government, specializing in client service, conflict resolution, negotiation, investigative research, financial analysis, asset procurement, and litigation.

In her time with the Federal Government Agency, Samantha has developed technical procedures, policies and guidelines, working within relevant Legislative requirements. Samantha also studied a Bachelor of Medical Science as a mature age student at the Australia National University, later putting her studies on hold to further advance her career.

She has spent the last five years as an independent contractor, servicing clients in the Canberra region. Samantha (or Sam as we know her) brings enthusiasm, commitment and fabulous wordsmithing skills to the RTB team. We now have a dedicated resource for the ACT area and surrounds and while we have serviced those areas for years, having a local expert will really enhance our ability to work closely with local clients.