Lisa Davy

Professional Consultant

Lisa has 34 years’ experience in the education industry including Secondary Schooling, Early Childhood Education and Vocational Teaching.

With 12 years’ experience owning and operating, and 10 years in management of Early Childhood Education services she is familiar with developing and implementing the high quality policies and procedures expected under legislation and regulations, completing government forms and reports, writing handbooks and resources for educators, and was successful with several grant applications available within the Educational sector.

As a vocational teacher Lisa has been involved in curriculum development and research and the validation process and has regularly assisted students by writing or refining their resumes and cover letters to ensure they were competitive and successful in the job market.

Lisa has a genuine passion for writing and applies an organised and methodical approach to completing high quality documentation that meets the needs of the client. She has strong customer service and relationship building skills and the ability to work with a wide range of people from varied and diverse backgrounds.

Lisa brings a unique set of skills to Red Tape Busters.