Karyl Perrett

Professional Consultant

For the past 20 years Karyl has lived in the Central Queensland area.  During this period, she has successfully managed the family’s small cattle property while also obtaining experience in the administration, management and customer service areas. Over the years while her children were growing up, Karyl has been involved in many sporting organisations, having started the local Little Athletics Club from scratch, been actively involved in junior rugby league and been part of a committee to obtain community grants to purchase sporting equipment.  Having a rural background Karyl understands the importance of small community groups being able to obtain grants as fundraising can only achieve so much. Karyl is an open and approachable team member while showing diversity and flexibility in any situation.

She has a strong work ethic while having a commitment to see the completion of tasks in a professional ethical manner. Karyl is excited about joining the Red Tape Busters team and working closely with community and sporting groups – especially those from rural and remote areas in order to help them win much needed funding.