John Crampton

Professional Consultant

John Crampton has worked in the Australian high performance sport industry for over 35 years, including management / leadership and senior service provider roles at both the Australian and NSW Institutes of Sport. He has consulted to government ministers, departments of Sport, professional sport managing groups, and major sporting organisations around the world in program review & change and facility design projects. He consulted to the NSW Minister for Sport in the establishment of the NSW Institute of Sport.

Crampton has had the privilege of representing Australia at 2 Olympic Games, and has helped prepare athletes for World Championships, Commonwealth Games and Olympic Games since 1984. John’s professional background is in sport psychology, and he is currently the Chair of the College of Sport & Exercise Psychologists of the Australian Psychological Society. As such he is of great potential value to organisations attempting to “walk the minefield” of ensuring their structures are capable of passing muster in ensuring the mental health of their members, and in seeking assistance from opportunities available to organisations in wellbeing areas.

John established and ran the world acclaimed “Athlete Management Services” group at the NSW Institute of Sport for the Sydney Olympiad, providing career advice and professional development services to coaches, athletes and administrators. Those services included media training, the development of resumes and promotional material, the preparation of sponsorship proposals, training in sponsor servicing, public speaking, training in the use of computer systems, and so on.

His networks in coaching, sports science and medicine also ensure you can be properly informed in approaching grants and other opportunities in the technical areas of your member programs.

Crampton is an industry leader in technology applications in HP sport, and has consulted internationally in the adoption of new technologies in both competition venues and in training programs / environments. He can both review your existing capabilities and your plans for expansion / modernisation, and inform your grant applications for technical growth.

John has worked with over 50 sports at the national level both in Australia and internationally, so has an extensive industry and sport specific knowledge and understanding. Nevertheless, he comes from a family background heavily involved in professional golf, and has worked from grass roots amateur players and their support programs through to major international professional tournament winners. He has consulted to the R&A and Augusta National, and Golf Associations across the Asian area.

You will find that John Crampton is approachable and easy to establish rapport with. His reputation is to “go the extra mile” in support of his clients. He is an accomplished and “well practised” public speaker and author, and is comfortable working across a range of computer platforms.