Iola Ternel

Professional Consultant

Iola has worked for over 23 years in the university environment across three States.  She has held senior roles in administration, specialising in commercial and international engagement.  During this time she was responsible for drafting memoranda of understanding, grant applications and contracts for collaborative and commercial ventures with domestic and international universities, and wrote tenders to offer professional development and qualifying courses to various domestic government and commercial organisations.  Iola was also responsible for developing strategic plans for her portfolios in international and commercial engagement and administering these plans to ensure compliance with university goals and objectives.  Iola also wrote material for various publications, including advertising, and developed promotional material such as PowerPoint presentations.   Prior to her university employment Iola worked for many years as a secretary to medical specialists.

Iola has worked for Red Tape Busters for 12 months and during this time has written successful grant applications and tenders for clients.